How can Specwall help with fire safe construction?

One of the great challenges in modern construction is building to ensure fire safety in a huge range of circumstances. No two buildings are exactly the same and that ensures that every project has unique fire safety questions to answer.

Specwall has proven itself to be a good solution for fire safety on projects in two ways. The first is its versatility. The panels can be shaped, cut and installed in any arrangement with relative ease. The process is always the same and it can be used for large, open stretches just as easily as smaller or more complex details without needing to adapt new methods.

The second is that the panels have passed exhaustive fire testing standards. We have both A2- and A1-rated panels which meet legislation and ensure fire protection of at least two hours. In the case of our A1 panel, it completed a 3 hour 30 minute test as seen here.

At a time when there is a fire safety skills gap in construction, Specwall is a great option for any project. Some examples follow here:

Abbey Upholstery Factory

Abbey Upholstery Factory was badly affected by a fire in April 2021 which burnt down a large section of the facility. Specwall was used in four phases to help rebuild the internal dividing walls. The majority of these were 6m tall or higher and more than 700m2 of Specwall was required.

The inherent fire rating of 3 hours or more offered by our panels gave the factory owner comfort knowing that if there was another fire the damage would be minimised. Specwall means that fire cannot more through the factory as fast or do nearly as much damage.

Read the full case study here.

Lucent 1

The design of the building, behind the famous Piccadilly lights, meant that traditional installation methods could not be used while maintaining the fire separation wall. This constraint meant building could only commence from one side and required a new solution.

We designed bespoke wind posts and cut the boards to the exact angles required so that they could be fitted from one side only. Combined with Specwall’s inherent firestopping properties, this made us the perfect choice to solve the design issues at Lucent W1.

Read the full case study here.

Those are two examples of Specwall’s versatility and firestopping capabilities being put to use by developers to solve problems on site.

Specwall’s many advantages make it a great solution for all kinds of projects. You can learn more about the product and how Specwall can help you by getting in touch with our team today.

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