How does the Specwall partition installation process work?

Specwall is transforming UK construction in many ways, and one of the most significant advantages it has over traditional blockwork, SFS and plasterboard wall systems is its ease of construction. Our wall system installation saves time and money, and is incredibly simple.

In fact, time and motion studies carried out on previous works show that by using Specwall as a blockwork replacement or alternative to a Steel Framing Systems (SFS), you can reduce labour hours needed for installation by more than 55%.

The modular, single-visit construction process makes Specwall easy to install. Furthermore, the all-in-one, factory-manufacture nature means the system can be designed to meet any need in almost any situation, across any type of building.

Following the manufacture and delivery to site, the installation process itself could not be easier for block wall installers working on site. The following video shows the highlights of the system and demonstrates how it is constructed:

Some highlights of Specwall system which help to explain the ease of its installation include:

  • The solid, lightweight panels fit together using a simple tongue and groove system. Simple adhesive and dowel system used to fix them together
  • Panels connect directly to floor and ceiling via base and head track channels. Full bead of fire mastic used in the tracks along the length of the panel
  • Panels can be cut to size easily on site using circular saws or hand saws. All off-cuts can be reused elsewhere on site
  • Fire safety assured through application of fire mastic, fire-proof mineral wool at the head, fire-proof insulation where necessary and grouting between panels
  • This completes the installation of a standard Specwall system

The nature of Specwall makes it incredibly easy and efficient to install, at the same time as providing outstanding fire protection. It can also be installed in any weather conditions and used to protect other internal features from rain as the panels are not damaged by water or mould like plasterboard is.

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