How important is sustainability to specifiers and designers?

One of Specwall’s major priorities is providing construction products to the market which encourage and enable architects, developers, contractors and funders to design and build more sustainably.

This focus is at the heart of our business, and we will soon be releasing our first annual sustainability report to outline our progress so far and commitments for the future. There are plenty of exciting sustainability actions in the pipeline at Specwall and we look forward to showing you more in future.

In the meantime, we have taken a look at how important sustainability is across the rest of the sector, in particular for specifiers and designers.

New research from NBS shows that sustainability has never been more important than it is right now. A survey of 600 specifiers and designers – spanning big and small businesses including architects, engineers, local authorities, construction companies and more – provided conclusive answers.

Almost all respondents (86%) agreed that it was important that products they use have achieved an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). A third of respondents said it was very important that products they were considering had an EPD.

They were also asked how often they specify sustainable product, and how regularly sustainability is the deciding factor over cost and performance. Once again, the results skew strongly towards the importance of sustainability:

  • 14% always specify the most sustainable product regardless of cost or performance
  • 48% usually specify the most sustainable option
  • 31% specify the most sustainable product if it is price or performance competitive
  • Only 7% ignore sustainability in favour of price and performance

A large majority favour some form of sustainability as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. More than half of the companies who responded stated their preference for the most sustainable option even if it cost them more money. This is fantastic progress and shows how sustainability is becoming truly embedded in the sector.

Products like Specwall which have an EPD are therefore perfect for many specifiers and designers who care about the sustainability of their projects and wish to enhance it.

Find Specwall on the NBS Source platform by clicking here >>

We are proud of the many sustainability features of Specwall. Our modular wall system can play a major role in making any development more sustainable and is contributing to the overall industry shift.

It allows you to increase the environmental rating of your project at the same time as offering economic savings in the right conditions. As sustainability becomes more and more necessary in the years to come, products like Specwall will become the new standard.

Specwall’s environmental benefits include:

  • Extremely low waste, as little as 0.5% in some cases
  • Removes need to over order materials, cutting down on material extraction
  • Inherent insulation and acoustic ratings
  • Single-visit construction process reducing programme time and site emissions
  • A1 fire-rated panels available
  • Can be demounted and re-used in situ
  • Water permeable, not damaged by water or mould

Sustainability in construction has never been more important. Specwall can make a big difference to projects in any area of the construction sector, improving their environmental rating and contributing to a more sustainable industry. Learn more about Specwall’s sustainability benefits by clicking here today >>

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