Insulation uncovered – how to improve building energy efficiency

The ongoing energy crisis has highlighted the need to make new buildings as efficient as possible. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by maximising the potential of your wall insulation.

This can be done by specifying a high grade of internal wall insulation, or by using energy saving materials which provide impressive insulative properties.

By using Specwall, you can combine the two and choose an advanced wall system with inherent insulation values which simplifies the entire process.

We design a bespoke system for your project that will provide the insulation you require in the form of solid, lightweight panels which are factory-manufactured, modular and employ a single-visit construction process.

The Specwall system is an environmentally-beneficial choice for your development which can improve its energy efficiency through impressive insulation values, as well as providing other benefits, including:

With Specwall less than 0.5% of waste sent to landfill

Specwall’s nature as an off-site, precision-manufactured products means that very little waste is created in its production. We estimate that as little as 5% of all material used in Specwall will be sent to landfill – a large, necessary reduction give that more than 30% of all UK landfill comes from the industry.

This focus on reducing the amount of our product which goes to landfill is a direct The Specwall environmental policy is designed to help us achieve a reduced waste construction process. Our principles are as follows:

  • To minimise any environmental damage and, to maximise all opportunities to improve the environment going forward.
  • Comply with all legal requirements reduce environmental impact
  • Consider adverse environmental impact in the future senior management of the business.
  • Assist and develop employees to participate in helping reduce waste.
  • Fully engage with all aspects of the Considerate Constructors guidelines.
  • Provide information, training and support to all of our staff and third party employees.

 Demountable, reusable and recyclable

Once Specwall is in place, its structure means that it can be demounted, moved and reused in its entirety at a later date if layouts are changed. This is in contrast to traditional wall systems like block, plasterboard and SFS which cannot be reused in the same way.

In the age where we need to act to preserve the biosphere, this quality of Specwall is highly valuable. As well as providing impressive insulative qualities, our panels offer an extended lifespan which can reduce the overall quantity of extracted materials in the future.

As well as the panels themselves, all dust generated on site during the construction process can be recycled, further decreasing the amount of waste created.

Growing climate change concern demands better solutions

With the growing concern over climate change and sustainability at the forefront of most agendas, it makes perfect sense to incorporate Specwall wall panels into the design of commercial buildings, as opposed to the traditional drywall construction which has a noticeable environmental impact.

Improving energy efficiency through better insulation and modern materials is a priority for all buildings. By using Specwall, you can achieve this as well as other efficiency and sustainability benefits.

To learn more about how Specwall can improve your project, get in touch with our team today by clicking here.


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