Specwall is BBA certified - what does this accreditation mean?

We are pleased to announce that Specwall has successfully achieved BBA certification and want to take this opportunity to explain what a BBA approved product is, why it is important, how we achieved it and more.

What is BBA?

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) researches, audits, inspects, tests and certifies products to help developers mitigate risk. By achieving BBA certification, a product can be delivered to the market with confidence, and the supply chain can be assured of its quality.

The BBA has a 50-year legacy as a trusted certification body, and has developed long-term partnerships with clients across the industry to assist with innovation and product development. BBA-approved products are recognised widely as the benchmark of quality.

What does “BBA approved” mean?

Achieving BBA certification for Specwall required our solid, lightweight wall panels to be put through an extensive battery of tests to prove their credentials.

This testing took place on site and in laboratories, and included a quality management checks and inspections at various stages to maintain quality control. Now that these tests are completed, the Specwall product undergoes a continuous process of testing and monitoring in the future to retain this certification standard.

What kind of tests has Specwall undergone to become BBA Approved?

There are many tests involved in achieving BBA certification including energy efficiency, thermal efficiency, durability and more.

Together, these tests prove the quality of a product – in this case, Specwall – and give the buyer confidence that they are purchasing a top of the range product.

Passing these tests means that Specwall, when installed correctly, is a highly secure system that functions to an extremely high degree of quality.

Learn more about how Specwall is installed by watching this video:



Full training on the installation of the Specwall system is provided as part of the purchase, and you will also receive the following benefits for your development by choosing us:

  • A1-rated, 100% non-combustible
  • Reduction in labour
  • Time saving
  • Reduction in cost
  • Water and mould resistant
  • Highly sustainable and reusable on-site
  • Increased efficiency

To learn more about Specwall and our BBA approval, get in touch with the team today by clicking here.

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