Specwall and Quelfire answer frequently asked fire safety questions

One of Specwall’s greatest advantages is its A2 and A1 fire ratings which make it an ideal product for any development where fire safety is important – which should be all of them.

However, fire safety in construction is not simple and every building will require bespoke solutions.

Service penetrations are one such area where it can be complicated to ensure appropriate fire protection in a building due to the sheer number of variations that can occur depending on the design.

To help, we teamed up with Quelfire to answer for frequently asked questions about service penetration sealing through Specwall to ensure fire safety.

Quelfire are specialists in passive fire protection as well as being a leading manufacturer and supplier of tested firestopping solutions for service penetrations in buildings.

To ensure that our service penetration seals are designed and installed as per the test evidence, Quelfire provides all parties involved in the process of designing and managing the installation of firestopping systems with training, tools, documentation, and extensive technical support.

You can find out more about how their solutions interact with the Specwall system by watching our video interview here:

Installing the right firestopping system saves lives. The Specwall system with Quelfire knowledge and products is a great option for any architect, developer or contractor looking to improve the fire safety of their project.

Get in touch with the team today to learn more about Specwall’s firestopping properties.


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