Specwall is now an NBS Partner – what does this mean?

We are pleased to announce that Specwall can now be found on the NBS Source Platform which allows people to create detailed technical specifications for their buildings at the touch of a button.

The platform is used by more than 3,600 practices and includes 93% of the UK’s top 100 architects. More than 27,000 manufacturer products covering all areas of construction can be found on the platform, and we are proud that Specwall is now one of them.

By the NBS estimates, using the platform can save as much as 50% of the resources and 70% of the time needed to write a building specification – making it an excellent tool for all specifiers.

NBS is the latest iteration of the National Building Specification which has published building regulations and approved documents for the industry since 2005. Since then, NBS has become essential to all involved in the sector.

For this reason, it is extremely exciting for all of us at Specwall to have NBS as our latest partner, and for our products to be featured on the platform. Specifiers will be able to find out all about our products including how they can be used, the technical specifications for each wall type and much more.

Specwall’s partnership with NBS also highlights the environmental benefits of our product, with climate change a big focus of the positive change NBS is trying to make in the industry.

In the words of the NBS Sustainable Futures Report 2022, “Sustainability is a high priority for us. We recognise that the specification content and guidance we provide can help to make a positive difference to our future built environment by assisting users to specify sustainable outcomes. The industry faces immense challenges and pressures as it strives to become more sustainable.”

Specwall is an ideal product for any construction project looking to become more sustainable thanks to its inherent properties and the modern methods of manufacturing that are used to make it. Compared to traditional solutions like blockwork, plasterboard or SFS, Specwall is a highly environmentally friendly alternative that you can now find on NBS.

Click here to see Specwall’s NBS profile and start your next specification today.

By using NBS Source to specify our product, you will be able to access the following benefits for your development and improve your project:

  • A1-rated, 100% non-combustible
  • Reduction in labour
  • Time saving
  • Reduction in cost
  • Water and mould resistant
  • Highly sustainable and reusable on-site
  • Increased efficiency

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