Specwall leads the way for MMC in the finishes & interiors sector

The world of construction is changing in response to a variety of challenges including climate change, a skills shortage, tighter build programmes and a need for higher quality at a reduced cost. In the face of this, it has become clear to many developers that carrying on as normal is not an option, and so we have seen increasing interest in off-site, Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) as a possible solution.

Off-site construction allows parts of the building to be manufactured ahead of construction in a factory controlled environment. Building in this way allows for greater precision, better working conditions and a higher quality product which can be put together in any weather conditions.

By doing this, the work required on site can be reduced significantly, saving money and time. Additionally, factory-assembled products provide a consistent, standardised quality which leads to improved efficiency and less waste.

These advantages have seen MMC become increasingly popular in recent years – even more so since the Coronavirus pandemic has made the construction industry rethink its processes and react to a changing world.

The UK Government has gone so far as to instruct key departments to have a presumption in favour of off-site construction when it comes to any of its own buildings. For example, using MMC allowed the ‘Nightingale Hospitals’ built during the initial Covid-19 lockdowns to be operational within a month of their initial conception – something which would not have been possible without rapid off-site manufacturing.

Off-site manufacturing and pre-manufactured systems allow this economy of scale when the supply line is engaged with at an early stage. This enhanced level of productivity has the potential to transform the sector and drive large-scale investment which may not have been an option without MMC. This is particularly the case in the interiors sector which is especially open to off-site manufacturing.

Martin Pickering, Specwall’s Project Director, spoke to Specfinish Magazine about the impact Specwall is having on the finishes and interiors sector, stating: “Change is happening, and for us the product with the biggest potential is Specwall, an advanced wall system with inherent fire, acoustic and insulation which allows for the direct application of finishes including tiles, tape and joint, plastering, spray plaster and paint.”

“It is an easy to use product with a simple installation method which is ideal for replacing traditional blockwork and plasterboard wall systems. Crucially, it is manufactured off site to our client’s specifications, creating very little waste and improving site logistics.

“We measure the success of Specwall by how much time we save our clients and how much we can reduce their costs. By achieving all of that along with providing a superior product, we are proving every day that the finishes and interiors sector can be much improved by the use of off-site manufactured products like Specwall.”

As a proud member of FIS, Specwall is leading the way for MMC in the finishes and interiors sector and paving the way for a more efficient, less costly future in the sector. For more information about how Specwall can benefit you and improve your development, please get in touch with our team today.

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