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What are wall acoustics and how are they measured?

One of the most important considerations when designing a development and planning how to get it built is how sound will travel through it. Wall acoustics are how we measure the amount of sound that can pass through a wall and how we assess the maximum allowable levels.

Part E of the Building Regulations provides guidance on sound resistance and the passage of sound through domestic buildings, in schools and in flats. The guidance in the Building Regulations applies to all new buildings, alterations to existing buildings, and buildings which are being converted into apartment blocks.

The guidance includes sections on “sound proofing and the transmission of sounds between walls, ceilings, windows and floors.”

Additionally, it covers “unwanted sound travel within different areas of a building, including common areas within schools and buildings containing flats, and in-between connecting buildings.”

The limits of how much sound can pass through your wall is measured on a Weighted Sound Reduction Index expressed in dB Rw. The higher this number that the wall can achieve, the better an insulator it is. Once a wall is installed, UKAS accredited sound testing is required to confirm the sound insulation rating in situ.

There are many benefits to ensuring that your development achieves a high acoustic rating aside from it being necessary to satisfy Building Regulations.

The main and most important factor is that it will improve quality of life for the end residents of the properties that you are building. Prolonged exposure to loud noises has negative physical and psychological effects. By cutting it out, you will save people’s hearing, remove a lot of stress from their lives and create a more attractive sale proposition.

The Specwall system is an ideal solution for developers who need a wall system which performs extremely well and achieves high acoustic ratings. No matter what your specific requirements are, the Specwall technical team can design a bespoke package for you which will satisfy them in an efficient, quick-to-install way.

Furthermore, using Specwall means that you will generate less waste, fewer carbon emissions and be able to complete the build process faster in most cases – providing even more environmental benefits alongside the high acoustic ratings. For more information about Specwall and how we can help to improve your development, get in touch with our team today. Click here to find out more.

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