What is a plant room and how can Specwall improve yours?

A plant room is a room or space in a building which houses the technical equipment required for its operation. Examples of this include hot water cylinders, boilers, water pumps, control boards, ventilation systems, and more

Locating everything in a centralised location like a plant room makes it easy to access for periodic inspection, routine maintenance and occasional repair of all the machinery and improves the operation of the building.

Plant rooms themselves are normally constructed in unusual places like the building basement which means they have to meet slightly different requirements. Spaces like this are often more prone to dampness and water ingress than an apartment, for example.

To combat this, a plant room is often constructed using concrete blocks which are not affected by water and are also strong enough to accommodate wall hanging plant, pipes and containment runs. Materials which are not suitable for plant rooms include plasterboard partition systems which require heavy pattressing and are easily damaged in cold, damp conditions.

Plant room body 1

However, the Specwall system provides a quick, clean robust alternative to use for the construction of plant rooms which provides many benefits.

  • Installed in one visit with no breaks and no need for scaffolding
  • Immediately available for use by following trades
  • Not damaged by water so can be built before the building is water tight
  • Does not promote mould growth
  • Solid panels do not require pattressing
  • Under 3% waste cut on site compared to 20-30% with block and plasterboard systems
  • Dose not require lintels for openings up to 2600mm
  • Flexible locations for penetrations and no requirement for letterbox details
  • Robust construction attracts less damage.
  • Easy to repair and alter
  • Low dust on installation
  • Direct apply seal or paint
  • Minimum 2-hour fire and insulation performance.
  • Available in A1 and A2 rating

Plant room body 2


The Specwall system is the ideal solution for your plant room. It provides all the benefits of blockwork while being easier and quicker to install.

To find our complete specifications, please get in touch with the technical team by clicking here or find us on the NBS portal by clicking here.

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