What are the advantages of modular bathroom pods?

Modular bathroom pods have become an increasingly popular solution for developers and housebuilders in recent years. They are designed to be installed quickly and easily, with all the manufacturing work done off-site.

The number of vacancies in the construction sector has grown by almost half since 2020 according to official figures from the Office for National Statistics. A total shortfall of 43,000 workers is bad enough on its own and a product of pressures from Brexit, Covid-19 and increasing competition in the labour market from other sectors.

In these circumstances, builders know that they need to pursue solutions on site that can be implemented by a reduced workforce but without compromising the construction timetable. Modular bathroom pods should be an easy sell in this economic climate.

The bathroom pod is also a potential cost saving measure on your development which is not just about the costs at the start of the programme, but across the lifespan of the development.

Specwall is a great example of how you can save money now and in the future by choosing a modular, off-site solution for your bathroom pods.

Our pods are designed and manufactured off-site before being delivered and installed in a single-visit process. By choosing the Specwall solution, you won’t have to pay for scaffolding or any other wet trades.

Time and motion studies have shown that Specwall can be installed in roughly one third of the time that a traditional blockwork solution could be – with no changes in trade or second visits.

When it comes to bathroom pods specifically, all penetrations needed for plumbing and M&E are cut out off-site so that they can be installed on-site instantly without delay. This further improves the benefit of a bathroom pod designed, delivered and installed by Specwall.

Specwall bathroom pods allow you to secure a reliable, cost effective option for your development that will not only stand the test of time individually, but also provide many other long-term benefits to your development.

For example, Specwall panels perform extremely well in terms of fire safety and full-life EPD calculations, including the EN15804+A2 amendment. Both of these are key aspects of environmental sustainability which will future proof your building from the outset.

At a time when builders and developers need to make the most of the available labour hours they have available to them – with little hope of there being a big influx of new workers in the foreseeable future – solutions like the Specwall bathroom pods can help you stay on track and deliver the project on time.

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