Time saving facts about advanced wall system Specwall

The construction industry is modernising and changing all the time. Tried and tested working practices are being updated, and the products that we use in buildings are being replaced by the next generation of materials.

Modern methods of construction and products like Specwall are the future. In a world facing climate emergency, it is no longer enough to carry on as we have always done – particularly in an industry like construction which accounts for such a huge portion of the world’s carbon emissions and material extraction.

However, sustainable construction materials like Specwall are not only a better environmental prospect than traditional products like plasterboard, blockwork and SFS, they also come with other benefits too. One of the most important upsides of Specwall modular walls is the speed of installation.

It is one of a new wave of time saving construction materials that have the potential to revolutionise the industry and lead the way into a smarter, more efficient future for the sector. Here are some of the top facts about how Specwall can save you time…

Ready-made and pre-finished

Specwall arrives on site cut to the exact size that is needed for your development. This includes any pattressing, service penetrations or other unusual details which are normally tricky additions done on site.

Our modular wall panels are made to measure and pre-finished, meaning that it can be installed up to 25% quicker than traditional wall systems like plasterboard, blockwork and SFS.

This is a major advantage of Specwall, and the single-visit installation process is also easy to learn. To learn more about how Specwall is installed, please see our training video by clicking here.

Less labour required

Alongside the faster installation process mentioned previously, the ease of a Specwall modular system means that less labour is required throughout the process.

On average, case studies show that 66% less labour is required for Specwall than for comparable wall systems. The tongue-and-groove system, combined with the fact it arrives on site cut to size, means that 140 sqm of walling can be completed over the course of an 8-hour shift.

This is up to 65% more wall than can be installed with traditional materials in the same time frame, and it is done by fewer people – so you save money and increase output at the same time.

Programme savings

All of this adds up to major programme savings. Time and motion studies carried out on sites using the Specwall system show that our product can improve productivity by as much as 40% when applied across a site.

This is due to the fact that labour production with the Specwall system is approximately twice as high per sqm when compared to the likes of plasterboard due to the simplicity of installation and the lower skill base required.

It is not simply the installation speed of the walls that Specwall can affect. The fact it can be installed before the building is water tight means that it can be put up early and used to protect other elements such as risers or other internal works which can then proceed ahead of schedule.

Overall, with all above factors taken into account, we estimate that using Specwall can save you as much as 60% construction time when compared to other internal wall products.

Changing plans

Finally, if you change a layout or plans part way through development, Specwall’s flexibility means that it can be adapted quickly and easily. Service penetrations can be cut through the panels without the need for any extra support so that any M&E details can be accommodated in real time.

Similarly, layout changes which necessitate the panels being cut are also fine. Specwall panels can be cut on site where necessary and the off cuts can be reused in situ as well without any loss of stability. This flexibility is a major advantage of Specwall and will save you time when plans change – as they often do on site.

The Specwall modular wall system is a next generation construction product with a modern installation process which makes it a cut above a traditional wall material. Get in touch with our team today to find out how you can save time on your development by using Specwall – click here for more information.

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